,The Council of Trent defined a sacrament as “an outward sign of inward grace, instituted by Christ for our salvation.”  Jesus came to save us, and we can be saved only if we have a personal relationship with God, and God gave us the seven sacraments as helps to our salvation.  Each is a sacrament of faith: it expresses the faith of the believer even as it increases it.  The sacraments, however, are not just individual expressions of the faith; they are expressions of the faith of the whole Church.  That is why the sacraments are celebrated during the liturgy, the public prayer of the Church, and why the requirements for their reception are given to us by the Church.  Christian Formation prepares us for the sacraments (catechesis) but also helps to deepen the faith increased through the sacraments (mystagogy).  All Christian Formation is sacramental in character, as it brings us to understand better the Christ whom we encounter through the sacraments.

Confirmation completes the sacraments of initiation and is given as a sacrament specifically to bestow the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  At this parish it is the culmination of an intense period of catechesis which seeks to impart a thorough knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrine, as well as the ability to defend the faith.  Only children who of their own free will desire to request the sacrament may enter the program of preparation for confirmation.  If their parents are supportive of the decision, they must sign the Covenant and keep its stipulations.  If their parents are not supportive of the decision, the children may still receive the sacrament as long as they fulfill their part of the Covenant and all of the other requirements.  The child must pass a test of basic knowledge in order to receive the sacrament, and Catholic parents are asked to pass the same test, although their failure to do so does not bar their children from receiving the sacrament.  Normally, baptized children in the eighth grade or above who have already received First Penance and Holy Communion may be enrolled in the program, but any Catholic child above the age of reason who has received the above sacraments who has not already received confirmation and who can fulfill the requirements may be enrolled.  Children whose religious education stopped after second grade to be resumed in eighth will be at a serious disadvantage, and remedial classes may be necessary for them to catch up what has been lost.

The two year Confirmation preparation program begins in 7th grade at Prince of Peace. We use the Chosen Confirmation Program in our preparation. More information can be found on this program at  Candidates are required to complete a day long retreat, 30 hours of service (15 home and 15 parish hours at Prince of Peace ), attend Mass weekly, and Confirmation class (if not enrolled at Prince of Peace Catholic School). For more information, please contact Maria Barontini (864.331.3919)

The Confirmands are expected to:

  • attend and sign in to Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation
  • regularly attend Sunday morning classes (unless enrolled at POPCS or homeschooled; SJCS does not include Confirmation preparation in their curriculum. SJCS parents, please contact Maria Barontini to discuss further).
  • accumulate 30 hours of documented service (15 for parish, 15 at home)
  • attend the Confirmation retreat in March–may be missed only due to grave illness
  • choose a sponsor who is in good standing with the Catholic Church
  • receive the sacrament of Confession before receiving the sacrament of Confirmation
  • complete a presentation on their chosen Confirmation saint to their class

Parents will receive a weekly newsletter with updates regarding these activities.

To register for 2019 Confirmation, you must:
  • have completed 2 consecutive years of religious ed prior to this year’s class
  • complete the registration form and return it to Maria Barontini with a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate and $75 fee

Each 8th grade student must be enrolled to receive the Sacrament. This enrollment includes the $75 fee, registration form, and a copy of the student’s baptismal certificate.  Confirmation families only pay the $75 fee- they DO NOT pay the $45 RE fee. Please complete and return the  Confirmation Registration form (not yet available) to Maria Barontini.

*Please note: All POPCS, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and homeschooled students must submit a Confirmation registration form and meet the requirements for Confirmation outside of the POPCS save the Sunday morning class attendance.

Please contact Maria Barontini for further information. (864.331.3919)